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Production of Italian Valpolicella began in the mid 12th Century and features a blend of three grapes from the Veneto region: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara. Valpolicella makes a fantastic medium bodied wine. It is rich, but not too heavy. It has notes of cherry, dark fruit, and a bit of plum. We often call it the 'gateway' red because it is so easy drinking than even those who like white wine only will enjoy this one. It can be made with oak, though we prefer it without. 

2018 Harvest Brix° 22.5

Potential Alcohol: 13.3%

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Ordering Juice - This is How it Works...

Our juices are the mainstay product of what KJ was built on. Only KJ does 100% pure grape juice for wine making in this easy to use style.  

Our juice come packed in a food grade 11.2L (2.9 U.S.gallon) plastic canister that is hermetically sealed.  After we harvest, crush and press the grapes, we then FLASH pasteurize the juice and hot fill it to ensure a clean, bacteria and yeast free environment.

Each canister weighs approximately 12.8kg (28.2lbs) and comes with one 5g package of our preferred Yeast. Our shelf stable juices will last up to 18 months in their original packaging. 

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