Rye Malt (LB)

Rye malt is made from high-quality German rye to exhibit classic rye malt characteristics. It lends a biscuit-like flavour, with a smooth mouthfeel component, and malty-sweet aromas with hints of bread and honey.  A great choice for rye beer styles or to spice up almost any brew.



- Maltster: Weyermann

- Lovibond: 2-4.3

- Usage: Up to 50%

- Styles: Rye Ale, Rye Lager, Seasonal Beers



Let us know if you would like us to mill your grain in the order comments. Milling is free, but if we don't see it mentioned we will not mill. 

Collections: Grains, Specialty Malt

Category: Base Malt, Beer, Flavouring, Grain

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