Carafa Type 1 (LB)

Carafa Type 1 is a light-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. It's carefully roasted to add an espresso-like bouquet, coffee and chocolate flavours, and a mild but noticeable roasted aftertaste. It produces opaque beer with coffee-brown colour. Weyermann® Carafa Type 1 is similar to 'Chocolate' style roasted malts, and can be used in any dark lager or ale. Where malt-based bitterness is not desired, consider using Weyermann® Carafa Special Type 1. The de-husked version of Carafa, it produces rich colour, body, flavour and aroma without the harsh flavours and astringency typical of dark-colored grains.



- Maltster: Weyermann

- Lovibond: 300-375

- Usage Rate: Up to 5%


Let us know if you would like us to mill your grain in the order comments. Milling is free, but if we don't see it mentioned we will not mill. 

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Category: Beer, Flavouring, Grain, Speciality

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