1.5L Bordeaux Wine Bottle

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Double the size of our classic bordeaux style bottle. These bottles are great for entertaining and for spending less time bottling!

Sold individually. 

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Syrah - France

Syrah, also known as Shiraz in countries outside of Europe and South America, is a robust and full bodied red wine from France. These red skinned and broad leafed bunches are believed to have originated in the French South East Rhone region and are specifically sensitive to temperature.

Our juices are packaged in a food grade 11.2L (2.9 U.S.gallon) plastic canister that are hermetically sealed.  After we harvest, crush and press the grapes, we then Flash Pasteurize the juice and hot fill them, to ensure, a clean, bacteria and yeast free environment.

Each canister weighs approximately 12.8kg (28.2lbs) and comes with one 5g package of our preferred Yeast. Our shelf stable juices will last up to 18 months in their original packaging.