Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is one of our lightest white juices. It makes a delightfully crisp, easy drinking white. It features apple and citrus notes with a tender mouth-feel. It is terrific is a young wine, and has well balanced acidity and sweetness. 


2018 Harvest Brix° 21.6

Potential Alcohol: 12.6%


If you're interested in making this wine on-site at KJ Urban Winery, find the information here.

Pinot Blanc - Germany

Being one of the many mutations of Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc is a grape that has had limited popularity over the years in central Europe.  Even though it has been grown in many areas for decades, Pinot Blanc is now gaining international acclaim from countries like France, Italy, Germany, and Austria.  Just as Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc can be produced in many styles that range from like and smooth to barrel aged giants. The grape ripens easily and can be grown in warm and cool climates.

Our juices are packaged in a food grade 11.2L (2.9 U.S.gallon) plastic canister that are hermetically sealed.  After we harvest, crush and press the grapes, we then Flash Pasteurize the juice and hot fill them, to ensure, a clean, bacteria and yeast free environment.

Each canister weighs approximately 12.8kg (28.2lbs) and comes with one 5g package of our preferred Yeast. Our shelf stable juices will last up to 18 months in their original packaging.